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executive Entrepreneurial CO-WORKINg SPACE

With the Club’s address in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, and amindset of catering to entrepreneurs and business professionals, the idea of a new co-working space has evolved.

The 5th floor of the Clubhouse will become a dynamic environment for creativity, focus and connection.

This under-utilized space offers a solution to relocating and upgrading our Business Center amenities while expanding the services to include solutions for Columbians who may work from home, are independent contractors, or who find themselves in a profession that has them traveling from client to client.

While the Business Center, which will be equipped with several desktop computers, printer, fax and copier amenities will be complimentary to all Columbians, the co-working space will be an amenity available to Columbians on a fee-based structure, similar to renting a wine or fitness locker.

Co-working is a social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working alongside other people.

The first area of the co-working space will contain several private glass-encased working studios.  Leave the door open for camaraderie with your fellow co-working space users or close it to avoid distractions.  The next area will be designed to offer a small refreshment center and soft seating for those looking to be more comfortable in their work environment. The last room incorporated into the co-working space is a state-of-the-art teleconferencing center and conference room.  Do you need to hold a deposition with a client in another state or conduct a sales meeting with your team located in different cities?  Both teleconferencing and video conferencing services will be available.  The flexibility of utilizing the teleconferencing allows participants the opportunity to get involved whether they are at a desktop phone or a mobile device.  Whereas, video conferencing solutions combine the most important features of teleconferences – including the ability to easily join without setting up an account and keeping meetings simple and structured, since everyone is visible and audio-visual quality is crisp.

You focus on being successful and we’ll focus on providing you with
world-class resources to help you get to the finish line.