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Platinum Lounge

This private retreat, reserved exclusively for Columbians, will take luxury to a higher level.  Our re-design of the Columbian Suite, located on the 5th floor is going to get decadent featuring seating collections upholstered in luxuriously soft fabrics, cocktail tables for intimate conversations and a stone fireplace which will adorn one wall offering a relaxing ambience when you are not caught up watching the hustle and bustle of the city below.  We will create a flow and separation between two distinct areas within the space offering a more casual walk-in area which leads to a private bar and seating section versus the more formal and intimate dining space available to be reserved for private dinner parties featuring a full-service menu and dedicated server.

The Platinum Lounge combines intimacy, comfort, exclusivity and personalized attention to create unique Club experiences that we all seek when celebrating special occasions or more importantly, just for every day visits.  This specialty venue will be a showcase for several important historical artifacts including the Benjamin Harrison Presidential marble dining room table which spent 1889-1893 in the White House and the 1925 Apollo grand piano that Hoagy Carmichael played nightly at the Club during the Winter of 1928-1929.  We are hopeful to once again bring this beautifully restored musical instrument to life with live piano entertainment weekend nights.

Columbians will enjoy sipping on cocktails and ordering small plate selections while overlooking the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the iconic symbol for the City of Indianapolis and the State of Indiana, in addition to being recognized as one of the world’s outstanding monuments.  Having a special place dedicated to serving Columbians and your guests, are just some of the privileges that should be at the heart of what being a Columbian is all about.