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Platinum Society

A strategic initiative of the Columbia Club is to embrace the passion of our current and future members through offering enriched personal experiences. The time is now to build on a new dynamic to ensure our Club remains relevant, viable and vibrant for future Columbian generations.

The Columbia Club is looking to add six new venues over the next two years including a second floor wine mezzanine, expanded locker rooms, fifth floor platinum lounge with private dining, co-working space and a rooftop terrace and cigar laze.

Like the Columbians before you who formed the Harrison Marching Society, we invite you to be part of the Columbian Platinum Society, limited to 250 charter members.  Charter members are Columbians who contribute $7,500 or more to The Columbia Club Historic Preservation Foundation’s Legacy Fund.

The Columbian Platinum Society’s impact today will open the doors to competing in an expanding and competitive downtown market. A tax deductible donation to The Columbia Club Historic Preservation Foundation will be utilized toward the infrastructure of converting limited-use space into specialty interest venues.

Beyond leaving a lasting legacy, the Columbia Club is honored to bestow these preferred Founders privileges as our small token of appreciation for your loyalty and sustaining support of future Columbians.


Bronze Forever Commemorative Founders Plaque

Platinum Membership ID Card

Annual Founders Dinner

Unlimited Access to Co-Working Space with a Complimentary Refreshment Center

Priority Reservations

Platinum Society Leather Portfolio

Complimentary Valet Parking After 4:00pm

Can we count on you to pay it forward?

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Columbia Club’s Value Proposition Must Remain Relevant 

Throughout The Club’s Member Personal & Professional Life Continuum

We must respond accordingly to remain viable, vibrant and preserve the Columbian “Wow”. In July, at the Town Hall meeting, the 2018-2019 Strategic Plan was presented. While the immediate focus will remain upon ensuring that all Columbians are provided meaningful Platinum Club experiences, your Club’s leadership is actively engaged in creating 2019 opportunities that will revitalize the Columbian “Wow” with unique venues and exceptional experiences.

An expanded health & wellness facility, a glassed-in wine cellar and tasting room, an all-new co-working space—supporting collaboration within an ergonomic living-working space and equipped with advanced communications technology. A 5th floor members-only lounge; providing the best view of Monument Circle, especially during the holidays. And finally, the hottest spot in downtown Indy; our rooftop open-air bar, plus an all-glass, star & cigar laze.

We will be hosting member receptions over the course of the next few months to better explain the role out of these plans and the timing for their delivery.

Live long and prosper,

Jim Ittenbach
Past President
Columbia Club