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Upgrades In Motion


The guest room accommodations at the Columbia Club are one of our key features. No room is exactly alike and that is one of the unique characteristics of our overnight rooms.  However, we also know that as our beautiful building ages, so do the amenities and furnishings that overnight guests find when they choose their Club as their destination getaway.

We are pleased to announce that we have several plans in motion for ways that the Columbia Club can allocate funds toward the renovation of the overnight guest room accommodations. We will begin by allotting one percent of our service charge to a guest room renovation fund.

It is our goal to have two overnight rooms renovated each quarter. The upgrades incorporate a plan to modernize the rooms while maintaining the boutique charm our guests have come to expect.

Each bathroom will be enhanced with new tile, fixtures, countertops and color palettes.  The overall décor of the room will be upgraded and feature new carpeting, furnishings and design.

We are fortunate to have a few Columbians recognize the importance of the overnight guest rooms as it pertains to our revenue streams.  Several members have graciously stepped up to donate funds to get this process started.  A few rooms on the 6th floor have been earmarked to be our “spec” rooms so we can showcase the upgrades to fellow Columbians. Renderings are currently in the works to help share the vision for our completed project.

If you have an interest in spearheading a room renovation project, we encourage you to connect with Jim Rentschler, General Manager, who can discuss more about naming rights and plaque recognition on the guest room doors.

One other avenue that will allocate funds toward the room remodeling project is the transaction fee.  Members who enjoy any Club services over $20.00 during a single visit will be billed $1.00  and non-members will be charged $2.00.  The money collected will be directed to the overnight room renovation fund to raise the necessary capital dollars to upgrade our overnight guest rooms for the enjoyment of all future visitors.


In today’s technology driven world, it is important to keep up!  Columbia Club’s reputation within the city as a haven for  successful business professionals, requires that we provide the tools necessary to keep our
members connected personally and digitally.

We all know that technology changes at a rapid pace, so the Club’s proactive
approach for this upgrade will include fiber optic lines installed throughout the clubhouse offering one gigabyte of speed. Previously, the Club had 25 megabytes, so this improvement will offer a significant increase in reliability and productivity when visiting your Club. The wireless infrastructure will also be upgraded to include 90 wireless access points around the Club when we previously had 25.

Five password protected access points will be dedicated to our Columbian community network.  Columbians will have access to complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, but there are also opportunities for the Club to make this available to overnight guests and private banquet and event meetings for an additional charge.

This is an appealing element to attracting business that generates good revenue for our Club.  Features will include video conferencing capabilities with digital streaming for corporate or social gatherings as well as secure high-speed Wi-Fi for the weekday business traveler enjoying our overnight rooms.

One dedicated line will host the Club’s reservation system for restaurants and front desk services including with the website and mobile app.